Understanding The Role Of A Funeral Director

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A funeral director plays an integral role in making sure that your loved one receives a good funeral.

Their responsibilities are versatile. This can include the planning of the ceremony, transportation of the deceased, or even grief counselling, among others. However, these roles can shift and change. It all depends on what the bereaved needs from them and what they would prefer to handle themselves.

Read on for more information on what the role of a funeral director is, and the responsibilities that make up that role:

Funeral Planning

Planning out the ceremony is the primary role of a funeral director. It is the task that all other roles orbit.

They will make sure that the details of a funeral are planned down to the last detail. The extent to which they are involved in this planning, however, can vary. They will take as prominent or as minor a role in the proceedings as the departed’s loved ones wish them to.

If the departed or their family have specific plans in mind regarding a funeral, then a funeral director can facilitate that. On the other hand, if they need to step away to grieve, then they can take a more prominent role. In this way, boundaries and final wishes can be properly honoured, while the tasks of administration and busy work can are lightened.

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A Funeral Director Handles Transport

They will ensure that the body of the departed is properly transported. This process may begin with picking them up from the morgue. The body may then be taken in by the funeral service provider. After which, the body will be transported to the funeral itself.

The director ensures that this all happens promptly, smoothly, and with all the respect that is due. They do this by either hiring out the respective funeral hearses and drivers or by using their own.

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Grief Counselling

A funeral director understands that a funeral is an incredibly difficult time for the bereaved. They are trained to help guide people through this difficult process, helping as much as they can. All this goes towards making the whole process as smooth as possible, giving people time to grieve properly.

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