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Planning a funeral can be a complex, stressful process if you’ve never gone through this before. At Friendship & Sons, we provide expert advice to help make the journey easier in a difficult time. If you’ve begun this process, read on for our starter guide on what to consider when planning a funeral.

Start Your Funeral Plans With The Departed's Final Wishes

It is almost always best when the departed’s final wishes are taken into consideration. Honouring a loved one means giving them the send-off they deserve. And, what better way is there to do so than to give them what they specifically asked for?

These details can encompass details large and small, from where they wish to be buried to what music they would like played.

One vital set of details to keep in mind are those which include matters of faith. If the departed were of a certain religion, then they may have wished for that religion to be involved in certain aspects of their funeral. These details may include:

  • Which house of worship they wanted to preside over their passing.
  • What religious leader they preferred to speak at their memorial.
  • Where they would like to be buried.

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Find Your Loved One’s Final Wishes

Often, a loved one will make their wishes known explicitly to their family and loved ones before their departure. However, if they did not do so directly, then there are other methods of finding out. Look through their will and other legal documents relating to their death. These documents are where those wishes are most often communicated.

Know What To Do If You Cannot Find Any Final Wishes

Finally, it may become clear to you that there simply is no information on what the departed wanted for their funeral. This, unfortunately, does happen often enough. Death can be sudden and unexpected. Some people do not think about documenting their final wishes.

In such cases, speak among other people who knew and loved the departed. Putting together a funeral that is personal can be as simple as celebrating the things you shared together. A shared favourite song or a flower they mentioned liking; small details like these can add up to an intimate and personal affair.

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Arrange How The Funeral Plans Will Be Financed

Make sure that you properly set a budget for what you are willing to spend. It’s important to then plan around that number accordingly. If you are struggling to make sense of your funeral’s finances, contact your funeral director. With their experience, they will know what decisions you will need to make to bring your plans within budget.

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Make Your Funeral Plans At A Convenient Time

Make sure that you plan your funeral for a day when all of those whose presence should be essential can attend. This will likely include all immediate family members, as well as the departed’s close friends.

Plan, set the date, and notify potential attendees, as far in advance as possible. This allows those invited to properly plan their time out and notify their various employers of their absence.

Take note that evening and weekend services may be more convenient for your attendees. This is especially the case if they cannot get out of work easily. However, because of this, you may find that these time slots are in higher demand. This could mean that they are booked up fast and/or are more expensive. Make sure to book your venue as far ahead of time as you can and be aware of any price differences when working through your budget.

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